What our students are saying?

This trip continuously surprised me with not just the city’s beauty and culture, but with my growth as a student and a person. I did things like climb to the top of the Duomo of the main cathedral (fear of Heights and all) and I made lots of wonderful friends. I immersed myself into the culture of Florence and it was more than I could have imagined. It’s amazing what I discovered about myself when I was placed into a entirely new situation: new culture, new language, new adventures, new challenges.

Emily Dahlgren: Italy 2010

This study abroad opportunity has impacted my decision of different places I would like to go study abroad and looking into Universities that have study abroad programs that interest me. It has also impacted my career path because now I am considering to work abroad in another country.

Matilde Martinez: Spain 2017

I would definitely encourage other students to study abroad because there is just no substitute for experience. Out of the many things you should do in college, studying abroad has to be one of them. You not only learn a lot about yourself but about others and the world around you. It gives you the opportunity to see things in a whole new perspective and with an open mind and open heart, it will, no doubt, change your life.

Angela Estigoy: Costa Rica 2012 & South Africa 2013

“I made the right decision choosing to study abroad in Costa Rica. The country is beautiful, and the people are nice. I was able to not just learn a new language, but I also got to meet new people, experience […]

Tekhong Meach: Costa Rica 2017


What is WCCCSA (pronounced: “wick-suh”)?

WCCCSA (Washington Community College Consortium for Study Abroad) is a group of community colleges that have joined together in a consortium to provide quality Study Abroad programs for 2-year college students. There are currently 16 colleges in the consortium from across the state of Washington.  

WCCCSA’s Mission Statement

As a statewide, multi-agency organization, the Washington State Community College Consortium for Study Abroad is committed to offering a variety of affordable, credit-bearing study abroad programs in geographically diverse sites. Our programs are designed to support the first-time traveler, emphasize academic and cultural learning, and strive to prepare students for their role in a global society.

How does WCCCSA work?

WCCCSA selects international locales and manages the academic component of each Study Abroad program. Each college contributes to program development, faculty selection, and student recruitment. Faculty are selected from our member colleges to teach on our programs abroad (language and culture are taught by local instructors). Students register for courses at the home campus, and credits and grades are posted on the student’s home campus transcript.