WCCCSA seeks enthusiastic and creative faculty who can demonstrate a history of effectiveness in their instructional discipline and the ability to successfully forward student participation and academic progress. Interested instructors need strong interpersonal communication skills and a keen awareness of the realities of providing instruction to US community college students overseas. A strong foundation in intercultural awareness/communication, student development, and cross-cultural adjustment is required to teach on a WCCCSA program.


  • Typically WCCCSA will cover, with full enrollment, faculty lodging, local transportation, insurance, and round-trip airfare stipend.
  • Faculty applicants must teach at a WCCCSA-member school. A list of member schools and campus contacts can be found here: Member Schools.
  • Full-time faculty are welcome to apply; part-time faculty should check with their home institution.
  • Faculty applicants must be approved by their home institution.
  • Programs run based on minimum enrollment numbers and are not guaranteed to run until after the application deadline.

Faculty applicants are evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Relevance of the proposed courses to their respective environment
  2. Applicability of proposed courses to general education distribution requirements and courses’ appeal to the general students (without prerequisite preferred, generally no access to lab or studio space on site)
  3. Ability to build inclusive group dynamics in a space where students of different backgrounds and identities (including students who experience barriers to education) can thrive while learning, living, and traveling together
  4. Positive record of college-level teaching excellence with proposed or similar courses
  5. Previous international education experience and student service experience
  6. Positive record of collegial cooperation and interdisciplinary instruction

Application Deadlines

Completed applications must be received in the office by the following dates. Only complete applications will be considered. Once submitted, applications cannot be changed or amended for reconsideration.

  • Deadline TBD for Spring Quarter 2025 | Rome, Italy
    Interviews are expected to be held in May 2024
  • Deadline TBD for Fall Quarter 2025 | Barcelona, Spain
    Interviews are expected to be held in May-June 2024

Application Form

WCCCSA Faculty Application_2024 Programs


Contact your WCCCSA Campus Coordinator.