What is WCCCSA?

WCCCSA stands for Washington Community College Consortium for Study Abroad. WCCCSA sends groups of students to study abroad in the above countries.  The Consortium includes 17 colleges in the State of Washington, and has a long, successful history.   WCCCSA works with study abroad providers who have staff located at the destinations.  Additionally, the providers arrange the housing, classroom space, excursions, medical insurance, and more.

What programs are offered through WCCCSA?

Currently, WCCCSA operates programs in England, Ireland, Costa Rica, Italy, Spain, and Germany. Check with your Campus Coordinator about new programs in development.

What benefits are there to Study Abroad at a 2-year institution rather than a 4-year university?

Being able to study at a 2-year institution rather than a 4-year university gives you A) Flexibility and B) Saves you a considerable amount of $$$. Compared to other 4-year programs you save upwards of 20%.

Will my financial aid award from my institution work while I Study Abroad?

Yes, your financial aid award from your college works while you Study Abroad!

Will my credits I earn while abroad be transferable back to my college?

Yes, your credits you earn are 100% transferable back to your degree at your home institution.

Will I fall behind because I leave main-campus for a quarter?

No, the quarters almost seamlessly line up with each other. You will not miss a quarter back at main-campus.

Are there scholarships available to Study Abroad?

Yes! Scholarships are the best way to fund your Study Abroad Experience! Pell Grant recipients are eligible for the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship that awards upwards of $5,000. Apply today! Your institution also has numerous scholarship opportunities. Contact your WCCCSA Campus Coordinator for more information.

How much does it cost?

It all depends. Total costs (everything included) could run between $8,000-$18,000 depending on your cost of living, and additional expenses that vary from person to person. It isn’t uncommon to have a majority of that cost to be covered by scholarships and financial aid! Apply early and often.

How far in advance should I plan when beginning to think about Studying Abroad?

Typically students plan one year in advance to be able write scholarships, and save enough money. There is no formula that is the same for every student. Apply early, and often.

I am interested. Who do I talk to at my college?

Find your WCCCSA Campus Coordinator on the contacts page of the website