A WCCCSA Affiliate Program operated by Green River College

COVID-19 Update: COVID-19 vaccines and/or negative PCR tests are no longer required to enter Japan. It is recommended, but not mandatory, to have two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to participate in this program.

Dates & Deadlines

  • Application Deadline: Monday, June 3, 2024
  • Deposit Due ($450): within two weeks of your application (non-refundable)
  • Balance of Program Fees Due: Monday, June 24, 2024
  • Tuition Due: Check your campus’s calendar
  • Program Dates: September 23 – December 3, 2024

Contact your WCCCSA Campus Coordinator for more information about spending the fall in Japan. Or find out more by visiting the Green River College Study Abroad website or contact Andres Montano at 253-308-8387 or andres.montanoleal@greenriver.edu.

Program Documents

About the Program


In this ten-week program based in Miyazaki, Japan, you will join of a cohort group of up to 28 students from Green River College and other community colleges in Washington state. A four-night trip to Tokyo and a three-night trip to Kyoto are included in the program.

Japan offers a rich environment of arts, culture, and history where centuries-old traditions exist in contrast with ultra-modern lifestyles. Miyazaki is known for its cultural heritage and natural splendor. The city’s historical sites, such as Miyazaki Jingu shrine, stand as testaments to Japan’s deep-rooted cultural legacy, inviting exploration into centuries-old customs and beliefs. In Tokyo, you will encounter sumo wrestling, Kabuki Theater, ancient castles, and temples dating back to the days of Samurai warriors. The modern side of Tokyo includes trendy and eccentric street fashions in the Harajuku district, the latest in high technology, electronics, and gadgetry, as well as anime in a city that never sleeps. Kyoto is known as the cultural heart of Japan, showcasing a vibrant culinary scene, lively markets, and avant-garde art galleries. The city’s streets are lined with traditional machiya houses and contemporary skyscrapers, offering a combination of old-world charm and cosmopolitan energy.

Campus & Classrooms

During your stay in Japan, you’ll be hosted by Miyazaki Municipal University and attend classes on their campus, which specializes in areas like engineering, computer science, and health sciences. The city itself offers rich cultural experiences, shopping venues, natural beauty, and recreational activities. Nearby, you can explore local markets full of diverse goods and fresh produce. Don’t miss the historic Shinto shrine, a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Miyazaki Prefecture is known for its stunning beaches, inviting parks like Hinatawada Park and Heiwadai Park, and scenic outdoor spaces ideal for relaxation and nature appreciation, such as Aoshima Beach or Shirahama Beach.


While at Miyazaki Municipal University, you will live in shared apartments right across from campus. These are small Japanese-style lodgings with futons, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. You will share the apartment with three other students in the group.

The university’s vicinity boasts a variety of dining establishments ranging from local eateries serving traditional Japanese cuisine to international restaurants offering diverse culinary experiences. Whether you’re in the mood for authentic Japanese dishes like sushi, ramen, or tempura, or prefer international flavors such as Italian, Chinese, or Indian cuisine, you’ll find a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and food stalls to choose from near the university campus.


Program fees include airfare and transfers from/to Miyazaki airport. Japan has one of the most efficient and impressive mass transportation systems in the world. High speed bullet and local trains connect to subways and buses providing speedy and convenient access to all major points of interest. You will have ample opportunity to explore the public transit Miyazaki has to offer and make visits to points of interest.

Faculty & Courses

This is an academic-focused study program so you must carry a three-course, 15-credit load, and are expected to fully participate in all activities.

Chad White, an experienced Bellevue College faculty member, will lead the group and teach the curriculum along with local faculty members. Local program managers will serve as hosts and advisors and will arrange the classes and provide support throughout the program. They can assist students with language, customs and cultural adjustments, and city exploration.

Art: Digital Photography – 5 credits (in-person)

“Introduction to Digital Photography in Japan” is a beginner-level course aimed at students interested in exploring the fundamentals of digital photography within the context of Japan’s unique geographic and cultural setting. The course will cover essential photography principles, including camera operation, composition, lighting, and post-processing, while providing students with the opportunity to apply these skills in real-world settings. Through field trips, guided photography sessions, and cultural immersion, students will gain a deeper appreciation for Japan as a subject of photographic art.

Art: Art Appreciation – 5 credits (in-person)

“Art Appreciation in Japan” offers an immersive exploration into Japanese art, aimed at students with an interest in understanding how art reflects and influences culture and society. The course covers a wide range of artistic mediums and periods, emphasizing the historical context, thematic elements, and techniques employed by Japanese artists. Students will learn to appreciate the aesthetic principles that underlie Japanese art, from the simplicity and elegance of wabi-sabi to the vibrant and dynamic forms of contemporary anime and manga.

Japanese Class – 5 credits (in-person; various levels)

Japanese Language classes are offered in various levels (basic-intermediate). Students will take a placement test to determine their language level and placement. It is required to learn the Hiragana and the Katakana alphabets before your trip. These classes will be taught by a Miyazaki Municipal University faculty member.


The program includes cultural activities and several organized field trips which may include:

  • Miyazaki: Sado (Tea Ceremony), Takachiho-town, one-day excursions in Aya-town, Nichinan-city, Ebino-city, Kirishima-city
  • Tokyo: TeamLab Planets, TOP Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, MiPig Café (if reservations available), Tokyo National Museum, Nezu Museum, Tokyo Municipal Tower, Shibuya
  • Kyoto: Arashiyama Bamboo Grove and Monkey Park, Hanami-Koji Street, Samurai Ninja experience, Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine and Tori Gates, Yasaka Shrine

Additional field trips are optional and may require a separate fee. There will also be opportunities to do your own exploring using convenient public transport or a tour specialist.

Cost: $7800


  • Round-trip group airfare on program dates Seattle-Miyazaki-Seattle
  • Group transfers to/from Miyazaki airport
  • Round-trip group airfare on program dates from Miyazaki-Tokyo-Miyazaki
  • Round-trip group airfare on program dates from Miyazaki-Kyoto-Miyazaki
  • Student housing accommodations while at Miyazaki Municipal University
  • Arrival and farewell parties
  • Some cultural activities and excursions
  • Some local transportation
  • Pre-departure and arrival orientations
  • Student basic medical insurance

Not Included

  • College tuition and books
  • Passport and visa fees (if applicable)
  • Meals
  • Curriculum activities admissions
  • Personal and entertainment expenses
  • Independent travel and expenses
  • US and Japanese airport fees and taxes (if applicable)
  • Anything not specified as included in the program


  • Date: Friday, August 2, 2024
  • Time: 10am-2pm
  • Location: Green River College, Auburn WA