Silhouettes of kangaroos against the sky at dusk


  • Application & Full Payment Deadline: October 18, 2019
  • Tuition Due: Check your campus’s calendar
  • Program Dates: January 7 – March 14, 2020

Contact your WCCCSA Campus Coordinator for more information about spending the winter in Australia & New Zealand.


Melbourne is situated in southeastern Australia. It is one of the great livable cities of the world, noted for its diversity, vitality, and sophistication, a center for arts and culture with ready access to the wonders of Australia’s natural history. This makes Melbourne a cosmopolitan, harmonious and dynamic city in which to live and study and Newman College is in an ideal location to enjoy all the activities that the city presents.

In Auckland, New Zealand you will experience Maori culture, New Zealand’s natural attractions and culture. Auckland is perhaps the most vibrant and bustling multi-cultural city in the world with it’s urban environment, beautiful beaches, hiking trails and glistening harbors.

For more information, visit the Green River College Australia & New Zealand Study Abroad Program page.

Photo by Chris Samuel via flickr